Day Tripping to the amazing Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA

November 2014

I took a bus trip from Las Vegas, NV for Grand Canyon. There are lots of options from Vegas for day trips to the Canyons including helicopter rides, bus and jeep rides – all to fit your sense of adventure and budget.

I ventured on a day trip with one of my girlfriends from Vegas to Grand Canyon.

Our trip began at 7:00 am from Excalibur Hotel (The Strip, NV). The trip organizers were  Grand Canyon Tour Company. I paid for it online and received an itinerary information and receipt. They were very professional!

Grand Canyon Tour Company
795 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas
Phone: 702-655-6060
Fax: 702-656-7535

On arriving at the bus depot, we were given breakfast and coupons for a lunch buffet.

Inside the bus, there were educational videos and guide who entertained us throughout the trip.

Our first stop was at the Hoover Dam. The structure was splendid. I wish we spent more time in the area. But nevertheless it was good visit.

On the way to the Grand Canyons. Picture from a moving bus


Before reaching the Canyons, we drove through many small towns, through Highway 89 and 64 – reminiscing the good old native days.





By afternoon, it was time for lunch and we were served a huge buffet. Food was amazing.





And this is Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

Online reviewers say that the North Side is much more classic and better, now in 1 day stretch I was happy I was able to cover the Canyons. Its beautiful. Great spot to take pictures or hike or just a light stroll. We stayed here for 3-4 hours and it was dusk when we departed.

Grand Canyon National Park   Image©tosomeplacenew









On our way back, we saw the Hoover Dam all lighted up and beautiful

All in all, a great trip! The entire trip including the food was $89 (+taxes). Food was plenty and the bus was clean. It served the purpose of a day-trip from Vegas and covered the essentials. One word of caution- the pit-stops for bathroom breaks/coffee were usually jam-packed due to many tourist buses going/stopping at the same time.

A day well-spent and one more item √ off the bucketlist!

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