Travel Essentials: Whats in my purse?

I travel light in my journeys. One purse or hand bag is always with me, where I carry my travel essentials.

Main Hand Bag/Purse

I carry a mid size hand bag/purse. I own a few mid-size shoulder bags and messenger-satchels.

My go to hand-bag brands are Michael Michael Kors, Coach and Guess

Here are a pictures of few bags I own-

Image Source: Google

Here is a list of my travel essentials that I carry in my hand-bag.

  1. A tri-fold travel documents wallet. (This holds my passport, boarding passes- yes I always get printed boarding passes and other government issued photo ID). Purchased at


2. Card Holder – This is for my credit cards, points and rewards cards. I keep it light with 3-5 cards only. (Michael Kors card holder. Check it out here and here)

3. Cosmetics Bag – I carry a small size transparent cosmetic bag with essentials like hand-lotion, sanitizer, lip gloss, Advil/Tynenol pain-killer (H&M)

4. Headphones – Must for flight journeys

5. My Travel Journal, pen (to design itineraries and take notes)

6. Sunglasses (RayBan Aviators, check them out)

7. Cell-phone (iPhone 6)

8. Camera (currently own a point and shoot Canon Cam)


I keep the basics and the essentials only in my purse. Its always a good idea to travel light, but do carry the required items that you need throughout the journey.

Do share in the comments below, whats in your purse or travel bag?


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