25 Jobs for Travel Lovers

Oh for the love of travel. But distractions ~ bills, jobs, career, relationships, food.

There are jobs that can combine travel and paying bills and a career.

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Here I have combined a list of jobs that allows for travel time, along with a career

  1. Airlines Staff Working for airlines has its perks, especially for in-flight staff like pilots, flight stewards and air-hostesses. You work, you can fly and also utilize the employee benefits 🙂
  2. Travel Operators/ Tour Guides Travel Operators know and understand the travel packages. I would love to work in such an industry again. (I used to work as a travel writer for Tourism Development Corp.) As a tour operator/guide you stay close to the travel and tourism industry and as such also get opportunities for further travel.
  3. Chef  Culinary is heart and soul for many travelers. And as such chefs and assistants can find jobs or open restaurants/cafes depending on their talents. How about opening a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai ~ cook, serve & travel.
  4. Hotel Industry One main benefit of working in a global hotel brand is employee discounts on hotel rooms! Imagine employee discounts for hotel stays across the globe. (For international properties like Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, BestWestern, etc). You can also seek projects to work in different hotel properties worldwide.
  5. Bloggers This job category calls for self-discipline and passion for the subject/s you are writing about. Once you have it, you can start blogging from anywhere and make money through site clicks, guest publications, etc (blogging can for travel, fashion, food, finance,etc)
  6. Freelance Work Freelance work can be projects like proofreading dissertations, fixing  websites, working on news articles (print or online), make-up/stylists, graphics designing, etc There are websites that can show you available freelance projects which you can pick up and earn.
  7. Teach English There are thousands of opportunities around the world for TEFL certified English teachers teaching English abroad that pay well and offer exceptional benefits. Countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Gulf Arab countries offer great facilities to English teachers (these countries pay slightly higher than others for English teachers)
  8. Instructor of soft skills Spread awareness about a local dance/music/instrument that you know of or teach others about the same from the comfort of your house. A colleague of mine who is a trained Odissi dancer (folk dance form from Orissa, India) moved to Virginia, USA and opened a dance studio and started teaching Odissi. Any skill you have you can market that and make it a living.
  9. Seasonal Trainer  As a scuba or ski instructor anywhere in the world, you can pick up seasonal projects across the globe. Thinking of Northern Lights, as a ski instructor you can offer to assist ski resorts in Iceland or Alaska, USA
  10. Photographer/Videographer Travel and photography go hand in hand. Why not use that skill to support your travels. Freelance photographers can collaborate with tourism companies or work solo and sell their work online or in-store/in-stall. Museums or cultural fests also use photographers in their events (Medieval Dresses and photos of people)
  11. Stylists Fashionistas (hair/clothes/makeup/nail artists) can work anywhere in the world and make a living offering their services. Hair and make-up artists can tie up with wedding or event planners and travel with the entourage. Fashion capital like Milan and New York are great places to start small or even a freelance project to support your travels.
  12. Modelling/Acting  There are many opportunities in this field from print modelling to advertising to acting (on screen, street-plays, theatre). You can pick up free-lancing projects or assist on shooting sets. You can also do cameo appearances. Non-local models, actors are usually in great demand.
  13. Sports If you are good at sports and can play at national level, great! You can definietly go places. But dont lose heart, if you are not. There are positions for trainers (learner level and advanced) or sports related services where you can be employed and can travel with the team for play-offs/training!
  14. Retail I am using Retail industry as an example here, but if you work for a global corporation like Wal-Mart, Ikea, Staples, H&M, Zara, etc you can ask to be transferred to a location of your choice. Of course, conditions apply like position availability or national talent strategies ~ however, entry-level retail/customer service jobs and skills are needed everywhere in major cities. So why not use that job experience?
  15. Designing/Creative Field like Architect, Interior, Fashion, Website Designing A designer or creative mind of any kind is an instution in itself. Carry your canvas, brush, laptop, whatever you need and you can start working literally anywhere. Depending on your creative zest you can also find employment in studios or agencies.
  16. Virtual Work There are immense possibilities for online or virtual work now-a-days. Thanks to the internet and ‘work-life balance’ concepts at corporate houses.
    • There are online administrative jobs like data entry
    • Virtual Assistance Jobs like click to chat (companies like MarketLinc, Alpine provide online support to companies, and you can work from anywhere across the globe, some restrictions might apply)
    • Human Resources admin work like payroll (check out Upwork.com for online/Free lance HR jobs)
    • Become a Google AdWords Certified Consultant and pick up free-lance work all across the globe. (Learn more about Google AdWords Certification here)
  17. Interpreter Language experts are always needed in many forms, including translators and interpreters for important documents.  Statistics show that 1 in 5 translators are self-employed and they work from home. How about intepreting legal documents sitting in a cafe in Paris  ❤
  18. Volunteer Work/ NGO There is immense need in the world for volunteers, whether its Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Cancer Society, World Vision, etc. You can work as a volunteer and serve people across nations and communities.
  19. International Relations/ Expats/Immigration Expert  In every country, there is a civil services/government administration that deals with foreigh policy and international relations. Why not work for them? You travel, learn about new culture/country and broaden your international exposure.
  20. Import/Export Consultants Customs houses, small-medium businesses need forex or international business consultants to assist them with trade paper-work and general guidance. These field of work opens up opporutinities for travel to other lands.
  21. IT Consultants/On-site Projects IT companies offer on-site projects for software engineers and programmers. You are paid in local currency as well as your home currency. These are great opporutinites to further your career and travel. A lot of software companies in India will send their software engineers to places like Peru, San Francisco, London to work for their overseas clients. The employer takes care of travel and visa work as well. What a win-win situation!
  22. Professor/Visiting Faculty If you are in the field of education, i.e., professors, research assistants you can apply to different universities or institutes across the globe and offer to teach. I once knew a freelance researcher who charged $500 for 2 hour lecture. There are provisions for visiting or temporary faculty members in various institutes too. You can pick up a 5 week semester course to teach in a country like Thailand or Canada or UAE or whereever your heart desires.
  23. Commission Sales Jobs  There is a plethora of options if you are a sales-pro. Commission jobs are hard to live by, but if you can master sales – you are your own boss and have no limitations to your income. There are online companies selling goods (e-commerce or via telecom) and there are local companies (cosmetics to insurance) where you can use your sales skills and plan your lifestyle your way, keeping the travel passion alive
  24. Mid-wifes, Nurse, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists Any career in health care can be utilized all across the world. Certain licences may be required to practice.
  25. Student Exchange Program This is how I landed in Canada from a small town in  India. I was doing my MBA in International Business Management and I got the opportunity to do my final year in Toronto. There are many schools and institutes that offer student exchange programs. This gives you an opportunity to see if you like a different culture and a different country. While studying you can work part-time, mingle with people from different backgrounds and explore the new country.

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Traveller | Photographer This is Mayuri. I am a 9-to-5, sometimes 9-to-9 business professional. But I LOVE to travel. I currently work full time and take the opportunity to travel whenever I can. I made a promise to myself to travel to 2 new places every year, doesn’t have to be far or fancy – any new exploration- any new destination. This space highlights my travel experiences, with insights on the places visited. So lets go “to some place new” Cheers!!! xoxo Ibn Battuta :“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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