Toronto Series Part 4: Summer – Toronto Centre Island

Toronto Centre Island is an amusement park cum family recreational area located on Centre Island (part of Toronto Islands). It consists of Centreville Amusement Park – which is its major attraction.

The park opened in 1967, with several rides and has expanded over the years, adding one or two rides a year. Centreville Amusement Park has miniature train rides, 1907-vintage carousel, a Ferris wheel, a ‘haunted barrel works’, miniature roller coaster, pleasure boats, bumper boats, kids amusement rides and miniature fire engines.

Centre Island is a beautiful getaway for Toronto summers. Its just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto. There are many port points from where you can take your ferry ride and it will be 15-30 minutes in duration depending from where you start.

(There are four public ferry services to the islands. They can be boarded from a dock at the foot of Bay Street on the central Toronto water-front to docks at Hanlan’s Point, Centre Island Park and Ward’s Island on the Toronto Islands) Learn more about ferry services here

Welcome to Centre Island Centreville, Toronto

A bit about Toronto Islands – The Toronto Islands (formerly known as Island of Hiawatha and also known as Menecing, meaning “On the Island” are a chain of small islands in Lake Ontario, Canada. The islands are home to parkland, the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, several yacht clubs, Centreville Amusement Park and Hanlan’s Beach. The island community is considered to be the largest urban car-free community in North America. Access to the Islands is by ferry.

Here is the image of Toronto Centre Island entrance, as we approached the dock. Picture is taken from the deck of the ferry.

Reaching via ferry (from Queens Quay) Entering the dock

It was a sunny morning. Greenery all around, water fountains, warm sunny weather = perfect for stroll.

During summers, this place is packed with families and school children as there are ample room for group activities, picnics and joy rides.


There are tons of options for food, souvenirs shops and activities. This image below is from There are restaurants located by the water front where you can see ferries passing by – making it an awesome outdoor (restaurant) experience.

Image Source:

Picnic and stroll under the sun, in greenery OR

Perfect for strolls, picnics

Picnic and stroll, with sun and sand.

Grab your sun-block, swimwear, shades and enjoy the cool waters under the sun

Soak the sun Beach, sand and more = Perfect Summer

If you wish a beach experience, greenery and nature around, this is a perfect place.

There are picnic tables by the water side (with geese around) as well.


(Be-aware of the geese and ducks as they are not very friendly. They BITE. Dont ask how I know this!)

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

The Island also includes the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse which is considered to be the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes and one of Toronto’s oldest buildings. The murder of its first operator, German-born John Paul Radelmüller,forms the basis of Toronto’s most enduring ghost story. Rademuller was murdered at the site in 1815; the case was never solved and at this point, it probably never will be. As the story goes, he died at the hands of a couple of soldiers from Fort York looking to get their hands on moonshine.

It was pretty late in the evening when we stumbled upon the light-house and could not take any good pictures. Here is an image below from the website of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Learn more about the lighthouse here

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Image Source: Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation

The Island provides a great view of Toronto Downtown including the CN Tower.

Image Source: Expedia Inc

My image of the CN Tower and Downtown, in the evening, from Centre Island dock


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