Hungary: Danube River Cruise (with Pictures)

I know, I know, I have been raving about the Danube cruise and there is a reason why

Continue reading the blog below and see the pictures, all pictures were taken from the ferry itself.


Danube River

The Danube river is Europe’s second-longest river and flows through 10 countries.

Full of history, the Danube was once a frontier of the Roman Empire. To see the Danube from Budapest is a real treat to the eye due to the architectural marvels that surrounds the river. Not only that, Budapest – capital of Hungary is also the largest city and the largest agglomeration on Danube.

If you have been to multiple cities/countries in Central Europe, you can compare the Danube from Germany (Bavaria), Austria (Vienna), Slovakia and of course Hungary (Budapest)

About Danube Dinner Cruise

There are lots of options to choose from, when selecting a cruise on the Danube. Dinner cruises are for 2.50 hours. The cost of dinner cruises start at 50 Euros.

You can opt for private tours or small-group tours. Customizing the dinner cruise is easy, with options of food, drink, entertainment and cruise duration.

My experience

We arrived at the dock at about 6:30 pm to take the ride to cruise through Danube.


This picture was taken at the dock, leading to the ferry.

Depending on what type of cruise you choose, we will be experiencing different level of hospitality. Our cruise liner was a simple ferry, the hosts/servers invited us inside.

There were dinner tables laid out. Traditional Hungarian music was played in the background.

We started with Hungarian Tokaji wine (a sweet white wine). Followed by some traditional Goulash Stew and potato casserole. Main course included Paprika Chicken and for dessert we had Vanilla Kifli (sweet pastry)

Danube Dinner Cruise
View from inside the Dinner table

While we were dining, the cruise took one full lap of the Danube river, showcasing the beautiful buildings and bridges of Budapest.

This cruise costs us 70 CAD per person.

After dinner, we stepped outside to the dock and it was amazing. The city of Budapest was lit beautifully. All the bridges were sparkling with lights. Our eyes were fixed on the Budapest Parliament – it was gorgeous!


Bridges, as seen from the ferry’s deck

Danube River CruiseDSC01052

Danube Dinner Cruise

Other views

Danube River CruiseDanube Dinner Cruise

Have you taken the Danube River Cruise?

Share your experience below ❤


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