9 Pictures That Will Make you Want to Visit Banff in Winters

Banff National Park

Travel and Leisure Magazine announced that Canada is the destination of the year. Canadian towns, big cities, its natural jewels are definitely a must-see for every traveler.

If you have been following me here or on Instagram, you know that Banff has a piece of my heart. Banff is amazingly beautiful during winters.

Check out these pictures and know why ๐Ÿ™‚

A Winter Wonderland

Banff is beautiful when covered in snow. The Sulphur mountains, Lake Louise, Rundle Mountain, Vermilion Lakes they all look like vanilla cupcakes. So so pretty โค

Banff National Park
Banff National Park

The Road Trip

Canadian Rockies have epic views all over. Hit the road and enjoy! Roads are usually in road conditions during winters. Please use winter tires and follow Parks Canada regulations and warnings

Canadian Rockies Road Trip
Canadian Rockies Road Trip

Santa Parade : Welcoming Christmas

From mid November on-wards, the entire Banff town rings in the Holiday season. Santa Parade, this year was held on November 18 2017 at Banff Avenue.

So grab your long-johns, torques and hot cocoa to enjoy Santa jingle all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

Santa Parade, Banff Town Nov 2017
Santa Parade, Banff Town Nov 2017

Christmas Markets

Shop at Banff Christmas markets, they are local, unique and fun. Cookies, hand-made Christmas ornaments and decorations are some of the things to buy from here.

Banff Christmas Market
Banff Christmas Market

Do a little Stay-cation

Imagine lazying in a hot tub overlooking the beautiful snow capped mountains. I stayed at the Falcon Crest Lodge (at their off season prices) and the views from their balcony are so mesmerizing.

Stay-cation at Falcon Crest, Canmore
Stay-cation at Falcon Crest, Canmore

Banff also has hot springs, where you can view the amazing mountains. The Banff Upper Hot Springs has a hot pool that is located outdoors and while in the pool, you can look across the valley to Mount Rundle.

Welcome the winter in Style

Welcome winters in style in Banff. The Banff National Park has so many amazing sights that spending winters here looks like a glamorous venture.

Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, cabins beside lakes, star gazing from fairy-tale hotel rooms, hot-springs and wine with amazing back-drops to name a few

One of my recent travels Back from Banff National Park, Nov 2017 Tosomeplacenew

Come and see for yourself. Who knows you might start a new family-winter tradition here in Banff?

Lake Louise: A frozen paradise

Mid to Late November is that perfect spot to visit Banff during winters. Not many tourists and many resort options to choose from.

Lake Louise was covered in snow when we visited. The mountains were barely visible and all you can see is the beautiful winter-land. I was able to capture so many stunning shots with no one around. That’s a benefit for travelling in winter, for sure!

Lake Louise
Lake Louise



Don’t be boring. Have fun in the snow. Let the inner child out – make snowman, engage in snow-fights and just have fun!

Banff Winter Fun
Banff Winter Fun

Stunning Views

Hands down the most amazing views in the world, the beautiful Canadian Rockies โค

Beautiful Banff Views
Beautiful Banff Views


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